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Our Rooms



3 months-14 months


Our infant classroom is home to seven babies ranging from the age of seven to fourteen months. We provide the safest environment to grow together while meeting their individual developmental needs. 


The infant classroom is a space to play, explore, eat, and rest. The classroom changes as the children get bigger, with new choices of places to climb, hide, and walk as their needs continue to grow. In addition, the infant classroom goes outside daily with buggy walks around the community, finding grassy spots on campus to explore nature, and playing on the newly renovated playground.


Toddler 1

15 months - 23 months

During your child's time in Toddler 1, they begin to expand on their sense of self, emotional awareness, and language development.  Toddler 1 is home to nine children aged fifteen to twenty-three months.


Strides in both fine and gross motor development are evident as the year progresses, and they have plenty of opportunities to hone in on these skills through the different areas in the classroom. These areas include the cozy corner, climbing structure, sensory space, block area, and dramatic play. In addition, these skills are strengthened when on the newly renovated playground and enjoying buggy walks around the community.


Toddler 2

2 years- 3 years

In the Toddler 2 classroom, children begin to feel a sense of autonomy and foster a sense of independence and self. Toddler 2 is home to nine children, ranging in age from two to two years and eight months. 


With this age group, teachers begin to present situations in an open-ended way to work on problem-solving skills and allow ample time for the toddlers to express their thoughts and concerns. In addition, the spacious classroom gives children plenty of room to build, read, and create stories in the dramatic play area with friends!

The Toddler 2 class goes outside daily, where they have plenty of opportunities to work on climbing, running, and strengthening their minds and bodies. Daily rope walks allow children to feel a sense of community and learn more about the environment they are a part of.


Preschool 1

3 years - 4 years

There is always lots to do and see in Preschool 1! During these years, children form friendships and begin understanding the sense of cooperative play and collaboration. The Preschool 1 classroom is home to sixteen children from two years and nine months to three and six months.


During your child’s time in Preschool 1, self-help skills grow, and a sense of community forms. For example, as a team, children clean up their classroom, are given daily jobs, and work together to solve problems that arise. At circle time, children have open dialogue, vote on activities, and participate in interactive stories and games.


Preschool 2

4 years - 5 years

By Preschool 2, children have a solid foundation for all areas of their development, and the classroom is designed for increased autonomy.   The Preschool 2 classroom is home to eighteen children from three and seven months to five years old.


In Preschool 2, children are introduced to concepts requiring a greater skill level and cognitive thinking, and the room is arranged into sections representing different curriculum areas. At morning meeting, children learn about the day and have open discussions about the weather, classroom jobs, and topics of interest. 


The preschoolers have plenty of opportunities to explore the outside by spending time on the beautiful natural playground, going on walks, and exploring the community around the center.

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